Friday, October 5, 2012

Next PAMUG - Saturday, October 27th at 2pm

Join us Saturday, October 27th at 2pm for another PAMUG

Jon Whisman ( will be presenting some of his modo/fusion FX work he has done for the Special Features Blu-Ray of the television show Super Natural along with a great example of user channels and sliders using his Junk Yard Dog project, so this will be a PAMUG not to miss!

Image courtesy of Jon Whisman 


Saturday, October 27th at 2pm


Splash NW Suite #315 107 SE Washington St. (entrance on Stark) There will be a call number posted at the door to get let in (building is locked on weekends)
Google Map Directions

Time permitting there will be additional simple examples of leveraging passes for basic art direction tweaks, and "correct" comping of AO.

Please bring any work you wish to show along with your modo trials and tribulations. All levels of experience and talent welcome, and a sense of humor doubly so. Some refreshments and snacks will be provided, but additional are always appreciated.

A big thanks once again goes out to Matt Keyes and Splash for helping organize the event and provide a wonderful space for modo users to meet. Thank you!

I look forward to seeing all of you there.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PAMUG Meeting Saturday Sept. 22

Do you live in the Portland area and use modo, want to learn more about the local 3D industry and how others are using modo in their profession, and like talking about 3D and the creative process? If so then get ready for PAMUG!

After a highly successful first PAMUG meeting we have decided to roll out the plans for the second event. Thanks again to everyone (especially Matt) for making the first meeting such a good one.

Saturday, September 22nd at 2pm


Splash NW Suite #315
107 SE Washington St. (entrance on Stark)
There will be a call number posted at the door to get let in (building is locked on weekends)

Directions Via Google Maps

Our first meeting was a success and we look forward to building on that momentum with this next event. Be sure to mark the 22nd on your calendar and show up ready to meet fellow modo users in the area and be informed (and informative).

We will be posting some of the demonstrations from the fist PAMUG here so be sure to watch this spot for updates.


PAMUG #1 Demo - Using Indirect Range for a fast "GI like" render

This is a re-recorded version of using Indirect Range at a small value, combined with a blurred HDRI in modo to achieve a fast and stable render that has a GI like feel.

Monday, August 20, 2012

PAMUG - Off to great start with first meeting

The first PAMUG meeting was a great success. Thank you once again to Matt and his work place (Splash NW) for helping to make this first and future meetings possible.

We will be posting a few captures of the reverse IK foot rig demo by Javis Jones and a demonstration of using indirect range and HDRI files for flicker free "GI like" animations.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up and helped make the first meeting a success!

Reminder that the next meeting is Saturday, Septemeber 22nd at 2PM.